• Tax Depreciation Schedules 
  • Asset and Equipment Listing and Valuation
  • Council DA Cost Reports
  • Bank Reports
  • Bills of Quantities including Builders Bills
  • Cost Planning and Estimating
  • Tender Documentation and Evaluation
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Preliminary Estimates
  • Procurement Advice
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Contract Administration
We aim to provide our best services all the time.

Our Services.
Tax depreciation, Asset and Equipment Listing and Valuation.
M & T Cost Engineering specialises in preparing Tax Depreciation Schedule. The Tax Depreciation will maximise the property owners tax rebate and hence improve the cash flow during the critical time when servicing the debt.

We prepare Depreciation Schedules for:
  • Residential properties.
  • Retail shops.
  • Childcare Centres.
  • Clubs and Entertainment Centres.
  • Cold Room & Storage Facilities.
  • Office or Commercial premises.
  • Medical and Dental Practices.
  • Factories and Warehouses or other Industrial buildings.
  • Gyms and Fitness Centres.
  • Farms.
Every property is well worth getting a Tax Depreciation Schedule regardless of the age or condition, and the very small cost you pay to M & T cost Engineering would be recovered within the first year.

Our Schedule would cover the entire lifespan of the property & you will need only one Schedule per investment property.
  • We always carry out physical inspection to ensure that all claimable items are accurately included to maximise the return.
  • We deliver the report within a week or less, provided we gain access to the property without delay and receive all required information.
  • Our fee is payable only after you are satisfied with our report.
You can amend your tax return for the two previous financial years, if you have missed this opportunity before.
M & T Cost Engineering also specialises in Valuation of assets for various purposes such as obtaining loan from lending institutions, helping for the purchase and or selling of a business entity.
Council DA Cost Reports.
Project owners are required to obtain local council approvals for most new and addition and alteration projects. Councils now require a cost report prepared by a Professional Quantity Surveyor who is a registered member of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) as part of the development application. Since its establishment, M & T Cost Engineering has prepared DA cost reports for hundreds of residential, retail, industrial and commercial development.
Bank Reports.
All developers and owner builders who require finance for their project are required to obtain a report to reduce the risk for the financier, prepared by an approved Qualified Quantity Surveyor, that carries out a ‘due diligence’ assessment on the costs of the project, the type and suitability of project delivery contract, onerous contract clauses, construction program and the ability of the builder to successfully deliver the project.

M & T Cost Engineering provides independent bank reports for developers and owner builders. Our detailed reports would minimise the risks for both financiers and prospective developers.
Bills of Quantities including Builders Bills.
M & T Cost Engineering has extensive experiences in preparing detailed Bill of Quantities and Builders’ Bills. We work with builders and ensure competitive tenders are submitted to increase success in the tendering process.

Builders’ Bills can be prepared on an exclusive or shared basis. Shared basis means we can prepare a single unpriced BOQ for all participating builders for the same project. This would provide a level platform for each builder on the quantities and they can concentrate on the pricing. Further it would reduce the overhead cost of each participating builder.
Cost Planning and Estimating.
At the early design stage, M & T Cost Engineering can prepare cost budgets based on elemental cost plans for your projects. With our detailed, balanced cost plans, which consider all the possible risks and uncertainties, cost feasibility of alternative design proposals for different elements of the project can be easily compared to enable the project owner to make the right informed choice.

When the schematic design and the specification for a project are reasonably developed, M & T Cost Engineering can produce a feature-based/ composite quantities-based cost estimate. The feature-based cost estimate can form a solid base for an effective value engineering exercise and even for tendering purposes in certain projects.
Tender Documentation and Evaluation.
M & T Cost Engineering prepares detailed tender documents and manages the tendering process on behalf of project owners. This includes inviting tenders from suitable builders, analysing and comparing tenders received and preparing a tender report and recommendation to the client to enable the selection of the best builder for the project.
Life Cycle Costing.
Life cycle costing is a process of estimating how much money you will require on an asset over the course of its useful life. The building has to be maintained to perform for the intended use. M & T cost Engineering can estimate the cost of these maintenance and improvement. This Costing is necessary and useful to owner occupiers and tenants to prepare their cash flows, Profit and Loss and the like.
Preliminary Estimates.
M & T Cost Engineering can provide estimates of the probable cost of intended projects at the concept stage. This would guide owners to balance the project scope and budget.
Procurement Advice.
The use of the right procurement strategy for a project will reduce risks for the project owner while improving the value of the project, ultimately leading to a successful project. M & T Cost Engineering provides assistance and advice to project owners on the most suitable procurement strategy for their project in light of a range of performance factors such as cost, time and quality of the project.
Feasibility Studies.
Developers and investors should proceed with their projects only after they are certain that they will make a decent profit from their projects. M & T Cost Engineering can assist the prospective clients to decide whether it is feasible to proceed with the intended project through our detailed feasibility studies. We perform a thorough analyses of expected costs and return from your project throughout its lifecycle, what-if scenario/market sensitivity analyses to make sure you are embarking only on a profitable investment venture.
Contract Administration.
During the construction stage, M & T Cost Engineering ensures that the project is carried out and completed in accordance with the building contract and performs the following cost monitoring and control aspects for project owners to make sure the project does not exceed the intended budget ceiling:
  • Cash flow monitoring.
  • Assessment of progress claims and payment certification.
  • Valuation of variations.
  • Assessment of extension of time (EOT) claims.
  • Preparation of final accounts.

Our Projects

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Acquatic Centres, Sporting Facilites and Stadium. Aged Care Facilities.
Fire Stations, Ambulance stations and the like.

Hospitals, Public and Private.
Industrial buildings/Warehouses.
Multi Residential Accommodation.
Museums, Libraries and the like.
Office Complex.
Police Stations.

Prestige Housing.
Schools, Public and Private.
Shopping Centres.

Showrooms. Supermarkets, Coles, Woolworth, Kmart Etc. Transport Facilities, Car park, Stations, Bus Deport, Etc.

Universities and TAFE. Worshiping places. Zoo, Bird parks, Nature reserves and the like.

Our Clients
Developers and Project Owners
  • Rosewood Homes.
  • NSW Land & Housing Corporation.
  • Uniting Church.
  • Australian Hearing Hub.
  • N & M Krajc.
  • JHK & Associates.
  • The Exodus Foundation.
  • Pezziment Property Group.


  • Axis Construction.
  • Buildcorp.
  • Built.
  • Core Project Group.
  • FAL Construction.
  • FDC Construction & Fitout.
  • Ganellen.
  • Gledhill Construction.
  • Hacer Group NSW.
  • Hansen Yuncken.
  • Hindmarsh Construction.
  • HPAC.
  • Icon.
  • Kane Construction.
  • Mainbrace Constructions.
  • Meridian Construction Services P/L.
  • Morabuilt.
  • Next Constructions.
  • North Construction & Building.
  • Parkview.
  • Patterson Building Group.
  • PaynterDixon Constructions.
  • PBS Building (NSW).
  • Peloton Constructions.
  • Quasar Constructions.
  • Reitsma Construction.
  • Reward Group.
  • Richard Crooks Constructions.
  • SMLXL Projects.
  • Steve-Watt Constructions.
  • Taylor Construction Group.
  • Tower Projects.
  • BESIX Watpac.


What our clients say about us

Luke Annear, Growthbuilt
"Highly descriptive BoQ’s and detailed plan referencing make it a ease to use M & T Costs bills when pricing construction tenders, this detail sets them apart from their competitors in the Sydney market. After servicing the Sydney team for many years M & T have started working for our Melbourne branch and the feedback is the same, we always look to get M & T Cost on our tenders when we get the chance.”

Adi Vinaikosol, Estimator, Lahey Constructions.
"M & T is always reliable and helpful.”

Ben Harrison,Senior Estimator, Fugen
"M & T Cost Engineering have provided Fugen with consistent, accurate and timely assistance on Quantity Surveying Services over a number of year"

Trevor Moseley AAIQS; ICECA, Director, QS Project Services
"I have known the Directors and Managers of M & T Cost Engineering for close to 25 years and have used their Services on many of the Tender Projects I have worked on and won. They have an outstanding attention to detail and open to suggestions on how their BOQ’s are measured for individual Clients. When I have needed special coding doing on certain projects I have been working on, they have quickly adapted to these requirements even though they may not have come across this request in the past. They are open to suggestions and produce a good product, whether It’s a Builders BOQ, or a Cost Plan. I have also worked directly with M & T on certain projects where we have shared technical skills to produce a good end result for a Client. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any of my existing or new Clients."

Ayman Khalaf, Estimating Manager, HUTCHINSON BUILDERS
"We have used M & T for a few projects over the years, they have impressed us with their professionalism and diligence in their service"

Andrew Fullard, Estimating Manager
"We have been using the services of M & T Cost for a number of years now. I have always found their work to be first class. They produce a thorough Bill of Quantities which is set out properly, describes all items in detail and then provides accurate side cast notes and drawing references. This high level of detail allows you to accurately and swiftly rate their Bill of Quantities with confidence. "

About US

M & T Cost Engineering is a Professional Quantity Surveying Consultancy Practice with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. It was founded in 1997 as a sole trader and registered as company in 1998, since then it has grown with a team of experienced and qualified experts and offices in Sydney and Melbourne. M & T Cost Engineering has been involved in several significant projects and has built a reputation in the local industry for its professional services.

M & T Cost Engineering features a team of experienced and suitably qualified experts who are committed to providing excellent services to our clients.

◽ Managing Director
Siva N Sivabalan [BSc (Hons) QS, MRICS, AAIQS]
Siva is the Founder of M & T Cost Engineering. After graduating from UK with BSC (Hons) in Quantity Surveying, Siva has worked as a Quantity Surveyor, Estimator and Contract Administrator in UK, Sri Lanka, Oman, Zambia, Seychelles and now in Australia. He has over 37 years’ experience as a cost consultant.
◽ Team Leaders ◽ Senior Quantity Surveyors ◽ Cost Consultants
◽ Quantity Surveyors ◽ Accounts Assistant ◽ Administrative

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